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_Vr 6

24 H$moB _Zw` Xmo dm{_`m| H$s godm Zhr H$a gH$Vm, `m|{H$ dh EH$ go ~a Ama Xygao go o_ aIoJm, `m EH$ go {_bm ahoJm Ama Xygao H$mo VwN> OmZoJm& Vw_ na_oda Ama YZ XmoZm| H$s godm Zht H$a gH$Vo&

25 Bg{bE _ Vw_ go H$hVm h {H$ AnZo mU H$o {bE `h qMVm Z H$aZm {H$ h_ `m ImEJo Ama `m nrEJo; Ama AnZo eara Ho$ {bE {H$ `m n{hZ|Jo& `m mU ^moOZ go, Ama eara d go ~T>H$a Zhr?

26 AmH$me Ho$ n{j`m| H$mo XoImo! do Zm Vmo ~moVo h, Z H$mQ>Vo h, Ama Z IVm| _| ~Q>moaVo h; {\$a ^r Vwhmam dJu` {nVm CZH$mo {IbmVm h& `m Vw_ CZgo A{YH$ _y` Zht aIVo?

27 Vw_ _| go H$mZ h, Omo qMVm H$aHo$ AnZr Am`w _| EH$ KS>r ~T>m gH$Vm h?

28 Ama d Ho$ {bE `m| qMVm H$aVo hmo? OJbr gmogZm| na `mZ H$amo {H$ do H$go ~T>Vo h; do Zm Vmo n[al_ H$aVo, Z H$mVVo h&

29 Vm^r _ Vw_ go H$hVm hy {H$ gyb_mZ ^r AnZo , AnZo gmao d^d _| CZ_| go {H$gr Ho$ g_mZ d nhZo hE Zhr Wm&

30 Bg{bE O~ na_oda _XmZ Ho$ Kmg H$mo , Omo AmO h Ama H$b Kmg _| Pm|H$s OmEJr, Eogm d n{hZmVm h, Vmo ho An{ddm{g`m|, Vw_ H$mo dh BZgo ~T>H$a `m| Z n{hZmEJm?

31 Bg{bE Vw_ qMVm H$aHo$ `h Z H$hZm {H$ h_ `m ImEJo, `m `m nrEJo, `m `m n{hZ|Jo&

32 `m|{H$ A`OmVr` BZ g~ dVwAm| H$s ImoO _| ahVo h, na Vwhmam dJu` {nVm OmZVm h {H$ Vwh| BZ g~ dVwAm| H$s Amd`H$Vm h&

33 Bg{bE nhbo Vw_ na_oda Ho$ am` Ama CgHo$ Y_ H$s ImoO H$amo Vmo `o g~ dVwE ^r Vwh| {_b OmEJr&

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