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^OZ g{hVm 1

1. `m hr Y` h dh nw$f Omo XwQ>m| H$s `wpV na Zht MbVm, Ama Z nm{n`m| Ho$ _mJ _| IS>m hmoVm; Ama Z R>m H$aZodmbm| H$s _S>br _| ~R>Vm h!

2. naVw dh Vmo `hmodm H$s `dWm go g ahVm; Ama CgH$s `dWm na amV-{XZ `mZ H$aVm ahVm h&

3. dh Cg dj Ho$ g_mZ h, Omo ~hVr Zm{b`m| Ho$ {H$Zmao bJm`m J`m h& Ama AnZr F$Vw _| \$bVm h, Ama {OgHo$ nVo H$^r _waPmVo Zht& Bg{b`o Omo HwN> dh nw$f H$ao dh g\$b hmoVm h&

4. XwQ> bmoJ Eogo Zht hmoVo, do Cg ^ygr Ho$ g_mZ hmoVo h, Omo ndZ go CS>mB OmVr h&

5. Bg H$maU XwQ> bmoJ AXmbV _| pWa Z ah|Jo, Ama Z nmnr Y{_`m| H$s _S>br _| R>ha|Jo;

6. `m|{H$ `hmodm Y{_`m| H$m _mJ OmZVm h, naVw XwQ>m| H$m _mJ Zme hmo OmEJm&

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