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^OZ g{hVm 138

1. _ nyao _Z go Voam Y`dmX H$$Jm; XodVmAm| Ho$ gmhZo ^r _ Voam ^OZ JmD$Jm&

2. _ Voao n{d _pXa H$s Amoa XS>dV H$$Jm, Ama Voar H$$Um Ama gmB Ho$ H$maU Voao Zm_ H$m Y`dmX H$$Jm; `m|{H$ Vy Zo AnZo dMZ H$mo AnZo ~S>o Zm_ go A{YH$ _hd {X`m h&

3. {Og {XZ _ Zo nwH$mam, Cgr {XZ Vy Zo _oar gwZ br, Ama _wP _| ~b XoH$a {h`md ~Ym`m&&

4. ho `hmodm, ndr Ho$ g~ amOm Voam Y`dmX H$a|Jo, `m|{H$ Chm|Zo Voao dMZ gwZo h;

5. Ama do `hmodm H$s J{V Ho$ {df` _| JmEJo, `m|{H$ `hmodm H$s _{h_m ~S>r h&

6. `{n `hmodm _hmZ h, Vm^r dh Z_ _Zw` H$s Amoa {> H$aVm h; naVw AhH$mar H$mo Xa hr go n{hMmZVm h&&

7. Mmho _ gH$Q> Ho$ ~rM _| ah Vm^r Vy _wPo {ObmEJm, Vy _oao H$mo{YV ewAm| Ho$ {d$ hmW ~T>mEJm, Ama AnZo X{hZo hmW go _oam Cma H$aoJm&

8. `hmodm _oao {b`o g~ Hw$N> nyam H$aoJm; ho `hmodm, Voar H$$Um gXm H$s h& Vy AnZo hmWm| Ho$ H$m`m] H$mo `mJ Z Xo&

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