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`mHy$~ 5

13 `{X Vw_ _| go H$moB XwIr h Vmo dh mWZm H$ao `{X AmZ{XV hmo, Vmo dh Vw{V Ho$ ^OZ JmE&

14 `{X Vw_ _| H$moB amoJr hmo, H$br{g`m Ho$ mMrZm| H$mo ~wbmE, Ama do ^w Ho$ Zm_ go Cg na Vob _b H$a CgHo$ {b`o mWZm H$a|&

15 Ama {ddmg H$s mWZm Ho$ mam amoJr ~M Om`oJm Ama ^w Cgo CR>mH$a IS>m H$aoJm; Ama `{X CgZo nmn ^r {H$E hm|, Vmo CZ H$s ^r j_m hmo OmEJr&

16 Bg{b`o Vw_ Amng _| EH$ Xygao Ho$ gmhZo AnZo AnZo nmnm| H$mo _mZ bmo; Ama EH$ Xygao Ho$ {b`o mWZm H$amo, {Og go MJo hmo OmAmo; Y_u OZ H$s mWZm Ho$ ^md go ~hV Hw$N> hmo gH$Vm h&

17 E{b`mh ^r Vmo h_mao g_mZ XwI-gwI ^moJr _Zw` Wm Ama Cg Zo {JS>{JS>mH$a mWZm H$s; {H$ _|h Z ~ago; Ama gmT>o VrZ df VH$ ^y{_ na _|h Zht ~agm&

18 {\$a Cg Zo mWZm H$s, Vmo AmH$me go dfm hB Ama ^y{_ \$bdV hB&

19 ho _oao ^mB`m|, `{X Vw_ _| H$moB g` Ho$ _mJ go ^Q>H$ Om`o, Ama H$moB CgH$mo \o$a bm`o&

20 Vmo dh `h OmZ bo, {H$ Omo H$moB {H$gr ^Q>Ho$ hE nmnr H$mo \o$a bm`oJm, dh EH$ mU H$mo _`w go ~Mm`oJm, Ama AZoH$ nmnm| na naXm S>mboJm&

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