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OH$`mh 4

1. {\$a Omo XV _wP go ~mV| H$aVm Wm, Cg Zo AmH$a _wPo Eogm OJm`m Ogm H$moB ZtX go OJm`m OmE&

2. Ama Cg Zo _wP go nyN>m, VwPo `m XoI nS>Vm h? _ Zo H$hm, EH$ XrdQ> h, Omo gnyU gmoZo H$s h, Ama CgH$m H$Q>moam CgH$s MmoQ>r na h, Ama Cg na CgHo$ gmV XrnH$ h; {OZ Ho$ D$na ~mr Ho$ {b`o gmV gmV Zm{b`m h&

3. Ama XrdQ> Ho$ nmg ObnmB Ho$ Xmo dj h, EH$ Cg H$Q>moao H$s X{hZr Amoa, Ama Xgam CgH$s ~mB Amoa&

4. V~ _ Zo Cg XV go Omo _wP go ~mV| H$aVm Wm, nyN>m, ho _oao ^w, `o `m h?

5. Omo XV _wP go ~mV| H$aVm Wm, Cg Zo _wP H$mo Cma {X`m, `m Vy Zht OmZVm {H$ `o `m h? _ Zo H$hm, ho _oao ^w _ Zht OmZVm&

6. V~ Cg Zo _wPo Cma XoH$a H$hm, O$~m~ob Ho$ {b`o `hmodm H$m `h dMZ h: Z Vmo ~b go, Ama Z e{$ go, naVw _oao Am_m Ho$ mam hmoJm, _wP goZmAm| Ho$ `hmodm H$m `hr dMZ h&

7. ho ~S>o nhmS>, Vy `m h? O$~m~ob Ho$ gmhZo Vy _XmZ hmo OmEJm; Ama dh MmoQ>r H$m nWa `h nwH$maVo hE AmEJm, Cg na AZwJh hmo, AZwJh!

8. {\$a `hmodm H$m `h dMZ _oao nmg nhMm,

9. O$~m~ob Zo AnZo hmWm| go Bg ^dZ H$s Zod S>mbr h, Ama dhr AnZo hmWm| go CgH$mo V`ma ^r H$aoJm& V~ Vy OmZoJm {H$ goZmAm| Ho$ `hmodm Zo _wPo Vwhmao nmg ^oOm h&

10. `m|{H$ {H$g Zo N>moQ>r ~mVm| Ho$ {XZ VwN> OmZm h? `hmodm AnZr BZ gmVm| AmIm| go gmar ndr na {> H$aHo$ gmhb H$mo O$~m~ob Ho$ hmW _| XoIoJm, Ama AmZpXV hmoJm&

11. V~ _ Zo Cg go {\$a nyN>m, `o Xmo ObnmB Ho$ dj `m h Omo XrdQ> H$s X{hZr- ~mB Amoa h?

12. {\$a _ Zo Xgar ~ma Cg go nyN>m, ObnmB H$s XmoZm| S>m{b`| `m h Omo gmoZo H$s XmoZm| Zm{b`m| Ho$ mam AnZo _| go gmoZhbm Vob CSo>bVr h?

13. Cg Zo _wP go H$hm, `m Vy Zht OmZVm {H$ `o `m h? _ Zo H$hm, ho _oao ^w _ Zht OmZVm&

14. V~ Cg Zo H$hm, BZH$m AW VmOo Vob go ^ao hE do Xmo nw$f h Omo gmar ndr Ho$ na_oa Ho$ nmg hm{Oa ahVo h&&

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