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`yhm 16

20. _ Vw_ go gM gM H$hVm h; {H$ Vw_ amoAmoJo Ama {dbmn H$amoJo, naVw Vwhmam emoH$ AmZX _| ~Xb Om`oJm&

21. O~ r OZZo bJVr h Vmo Cg H$mo emoH$ hmoVm h, `m|{H$ Cg H$s XwI H$s KS>r Am nhMr, naVw O~ dh ~mbH$ O_ MwH$s Vmo Bg AmZX go {H$ OJV _| EH$ _Zw` Cn hAm, Cg gH$Q> H$mo {\$a _aU Zhr H$aVr&

22. Ama Vwho ^r A~ Vmo emoH$ h, naVw _ Vw_ go {\$a {_byJm Ama Vwhmao _Z _| AmZX hmoJm; Ama Vwhmam AmZX H$moB Vw_ go N>rZ Z boJm&

23. Cg {XZ Vw_ _wP go Hw$N> Z nyN>moJo _ Vw_ go gM gM H$hVm h, `{X {nVm go Hw$N> _mJmoJo Vmo dh _oao Zm_ go Vwh| XoJm&

24. A~ VH$ Vw_ Zo _oao Zm_ go Hw$N> Zhr _mJm; _mJm| Vmo nmAmoJo Vm{H$ Vwhmam AmZX nyam hmo OmE&

25. _ Zo `o ~mV| Vw_ go Q>mVm| _| H$ht h, naVw dh g_` AmVm h, {H$ _ Vw_ go Q>mVm| _| {\$a Zht H$hJm, naVw ImobH$a Vwh| {nVm Ho$ {df` _| ~VmD$Jm&

26. Cg {XZ Vw_ _oao Zm_ go _mJmoJo, Ama _ Vw_go `h Zhr H$hVm {H$ _ Vwhmao {b`o {nVm go {dZVr H$$Jm&

27. `m|{H$ {nVm Vmo Amn hr Vw_ go r{V aIVm h, Bg{b`o {H$ Vw_ Zo _wP go r{V aIr h, Ama `h ^r Vr{V H$s h, {H$ _ {nVm H$s Amoa go {ZH$b Am`m&

28. _ {nVm go {ZH$bH$a OJV _ Am`m h, {\$a OJV H$mo N>moS> H$a {nVm Ho$ nmg OmVm h&

29. CgHo$ Mobm| Zo H$hm, XoI, A~ Vmo Vy ImobH$a H$hVm h, Ama H$moB Q>mV Zhr H$hVm&

30. A~ h_ OmZ J`o, {H$ Vy g~ Hw$N> OmZVm h, Ama VwPo `moOZ Zht, {H$ H$moB VwP go nyN>o, Bg go h_ Vr{V H$aVo h, {H$ Vy na_oda go {ZH$bm h&

31. `h gwZ `rew Zo CZgo H$hm, `m Vw_ A~ {ddmg H$aVo hmo?

32. XoImo, dh KS>r AmVr h daZ Am nhMr h {H$ Vw_ g~ {VVa-{~Va hmoH$a AnZm AnZm _mJ bmoJo, Ama _wPo AHo$bm N>moS> XmoJo; Vm^r _ AHo$bm Zht `m|{H$ {nVm _oao gmW h&

33. _ Zo `o ~mV| Vw_ go Bg{b`o H$ht h {H$ Vwh| em{V {_bo& ggma _ Vwh| boe hmoVm h, naVw T>mT>g ~mYmo, _ Zo ggma H$mo OrV {b`m h&

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