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1 `yhm 4

7 ho {`mo, h_ Amng _| _ob aI|, `m|{H$ o_ na_oda go h, Ama Omo H$moB o_ aIVm h, dh na_oda go O_m h, Ama na_oda H$mo OmZVm h&

8 Omo o_ Zhr aIVm, dh na_oda H$mo Zhr OmZVm, `m|{H$ na_oda o_ h&

9 Omo o_ na_oda h_go aIVm h, dh Bg go JQ> hAm, {H$ na_oda Zo AnZo BH$bmVo nw H$mo OJV _| ^oOm h, {H$ h_ CgHo$ mam OrdZ nm`|&

10 o_ Bg _| Zhr {H$ h_Zo na_oda go o_ {H$`m na Bg _| h {H$ Cg Zo h_ go o_ {H$`m Ama h_mao nmnm| Ho$ m`pMV Ho$ {b`o AnZo nw H$mo ^oOm&

11 ho {`mo, O~ na_oda Zo h_ go Eogm o_ {H$`m, Vmo h_ H$mo ^r Amng _| o_ aIZm Mm{h`o&

12 na_oda H$mo H$^r {H$gr Zo Zhr XoIm, `{X h_ Amng _| o_ aIo Vmo na_oda h_ _| ~Zm ahVm hAma CgH$m o_ h_ _| {g hmo J`m h&

13 Bgr go h_ OmZVo h {H$ h_ Cg _| ~Zo ahVo h, Ama dh h_ _|,`m|{H$ Cg Zo AnZo Am_m _| go h_| {X`m h&

14 h_ Zo XoI ^r {b`m Ama Jdmhr XoVo h {H$ {nVm Zo nw H$mo CmaH$mm H$aHo$ ^oOm h&

15 Omo H$moB `h _mZ boVm h, {H$ `rew na_oda H$m nw h, na_oda Cg _| ~Zm ahVm h Ama dh na_oda _|&

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