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`yhm 10

1. _ Vw_ go gM gM H$hVm h {H$ Omo H$moB ma go ^oS>embm _| doe Zht H$aVm, naVw {H$gr Xygar Amoa go MT> OmVm h, dh Mmoa Ama S>mHy$ h&

2. naVw Omo ma go ^rVa doe H$aVm h dh ^oS>m| H$m Madmhm h&

3. CgHo$ {b`o manmb ma Imob XoVm h, Ama ^oS| CgH$m eX gwZVr h, Ama dh AnZr ^oS>m| H$mo Zm_ bo boH$a ~wbmVm h Ama ~mha bo OmVm h&

4. O~ dh AnZr g~ ^oS>m| H$mo ~mha {ZH$mb MwH$Vm h, Vmo CZHo$ AmJo AmJo MbVm h, Ama ^oS>| CgHo$ nrN>o nrN>o hmo boVr h, `m|{H$ do CgH$m eX nhMmZVr h&

5. naVw do nam`o Ho$ nrN>o Zht OmEJr, naVw Cggo ^mJoJr, `m|{H$ do nam`m| H$m eX Zht nhMmZVrh&

6. `rew Zo CZgo `h Q>mV H$hm, naVw do Z g_Po {H$ `o `m ~mV| h Omo dh h_ go H$hVm h&

7. V~ `rew Zo CZgo {\$a H$hm, _ Vw_ go gM gM H$hVm h, ^oS>m| H$m ma _ h&

8. {OVZo _wP go nhbo AmE do g~ Mmoa Ama S>mHy$ h, naVw ^oS>m| Zo CZH$s Z gwZr&

9. ma _ h; `{X H$moB _oao mam ^rVa doe H$ao, Vmo Cma nmEJm, Ama ^rVa ~mha Am`m Om`m H$aoJm Ama Mmam nmEJm

10. Mmoa {H$gr Ama H$m_ Ho$ {b`o Zht naVw Mmoar H$aZo KmV H$aZo Ama ZQ> H$aZo H$mo AmVm h; _ Bg{b`o Am`m {H$ do OrdZ nmE, Ama ~hVm`V go nmE&

11. AN>m Madmhm _ h; AN>m Madmhm ^oS>m| Ho$ {b`o AnZm mU XoVm h

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