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Jbm{V`m| 2

15. h_ Vmo O_ go `hXr h, Ama nmnr A`Om{V`m| _| go Zht&

16. Vm^r `h OmZH$a {H$ _Zw` `dWm Ho$ H$m_m| go Zht, na Ho$db `rew _grh na {ddmg H$aZo Ho$ {b`o Y_u R>haVm h, h_ Zo Amn ^r _grh `rew na {ddmg {H$`m {H$ h_ `dWm Ho$ H$m_m| go Zht, na _grh na {ddmg H$aZo go Y_u R>ha|; Bg{b`o {H$ `dWm Ho$ H$m_m| go H$moB mUr Y_u Zht R>haoJm&

17. h_ Omo _grh _| Y_u R>haZm MmhVo h, `{X Amn hr nmnr {ZH$b| Vmo `m _grh nmn H$m godH$ h? H$Xm{n Zht!

18. `m|{H$ Omo Hw$N> _ Zo {Jam {X`m `{X Cgr H$mo {\$a ~ZmVm h, Vmo AnZo AmnH$mo AnamYr R>hamVm h&

19. _ Vmo `dWm Ho$ mam `dWm Ho$ {b`o _a J`m {H$ na_oda Ho$ {bE OrD$&

20. _ _grh Ho$ gmW Hy$g na MT>m`m J`m h, A~ _ Or{dV Z ahm, na _grh _wP _| Or{dV h; Ama _ eara _| A~ Omo Or{dV h Vmo Ho$db Cg {ddmg go Or{dV h Omo na_oda Ho$ nw na h, {Og Zo _wP go o_ {H$`m Ama _oao {b`o AnZo Amn H$mo Xo {X`m&

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