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`yhm 15

6. `{X H$moB _wP _| ~Zm Z aho, Vmo dh S>mbr Ho$ g_mZ \|$H$ {X`m OmVm, Ama gwI OmVm h, Ama bmoJ Ch| ~Q>moaH$a AmJ _| Pm|H$ XoVo h, Ama do Ob OmVr h&

7. `{X Vw_ _wP _| ~Zo ahmo Ama _oam dMZ Vw_ _| ~Zm aho, Vmo Omo Mmhmo _mJmo dh Vwhmao {b`o hmo OmEJm&

8. _oao {nVm H$s _{h_m Bgr go hmoVr h {H$ Vw_ ~hV gm \$b bmAmo, V~ hr Vw_ _oao Mobo R>hamoJo&

9. Ogm {nVm Zo _wP go o_ aIm h, dgm hr _Zo Vw_ go o_ aIm, _oao o_ _| ~Zo ahmo&

10. `{X Vw_ _oar AmkmAm| H$mo _mZmoJo, Vmo _oao o_ _| ~Zo ahmoJo, Ogm {H$ _ Zo AnZo {nVm H$s AmkmAm| H$mo _mZm h, Ama CgHo$ o_ _| ~Zm ahVm h&

11. _Zo `h ~mV| Vw_ go Bg{b`o H$hr h, {H$ _oam AmZX Vw_ _| ~Zm aho, Ama Vwhmam AmZX nyam hmo OmE&

12. _oar Amkm `h h {H$ Ogm _ Zo Vw_ go no_ aIm, dgm hr Vw_ ^r EH$ Xygao go o_ aImo&

13. Bggo ~S>m o_ {H$gr H$m Zht {H$ H$moB AnZo {_m| Ho$ {b`o AnZm mU Xo&

14. Omo Amkm _ Vwh| XoVm hy, `{X Cgo _mZmo Vmo Vw_ _oao {_ hmo&

15. A~ go _ Vwh| Xmg Z H$hJm, `m|{H$ Xmg Zhr OmZVm {H$ CgH$m dm_r `m H$aVm h, naVw _Zo Vwh| {_ H$hm h, `m|{H$ _ Zo Omo ~mV| AnZo {nVm go gwZr, dh g~ Vwh| ~Vm Xr&

16. Vw_ Zo _wPo Zhr MwZm naVw _ Zo Vwh| MwZm h Ama Vwh| {Z`wV {H$`m {H$ Vw_ OmH$a \$b bmAmo Ama Vwhmam \$b ~Zm aho, {H$ Vw_ _oao Zm_ go Omo Hw$N> {nVm go _mJmoJo, dh Vwh| Xo&

17. BZ ~mVm| H$r Amkm _ Vwh| Bg{b`o XoVm h {H$ Vw_ EH$ Xygao go o_ aImo&

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