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{`_`mh 33

1 {Og g_` {`_`mh nhao Ho$ AmJZ _| ~X Wm, Cg g_` `hmodm H$m dMZ Xygar ~ma CgHo$ nmg nhMm,

2 `hmodm Omo ndr H$m aMZodmbm h, Omo CgH$mo {Wa H$aVm h, CgH$m Zm_ `hmodm h; dh `h H$hVm h,

3 _wP go mWZm H$a Ama _ Voar gwZH$a VwPo ~S>r ~S>r Ama H${R>Z ~mV| ~VmD$Jm {Oh| Vy A^r Zht g_PVm&

4 `m|{H$ BmEb H$m na_oda `hmodm Bg ZJa Ho$ Kam| Ama `hXm Ho$ amOmAm| Ho$ ^dZm| Ho$ {df` _| Omo Bg{b`o {JamE OmVo h {H$ X_X_m| Ama Vbdma Ho$ gmW gw^rVo go bS> gH|$, `mo H$hVm h,

5 H$g{X`m| go `w H$aZo H$mo do bmoJ AmVo Vmo h, naVw _ H$moY Ama ObObmhQ> _| AmH$a CZH$mo _admD$Jm Ama CZH$s bmoW| Cgr WmZ _| ^a XyJm; `m|{H$ CgH$s Q>Vm Ho$ H$maU _ Zo Bg ZJa go _wI \o$a {b`m h&

6 XoI, _ Bg ZJa H$m BbmO H$aHo$ BgHo$ {Zdm{g`m| H$mo MJm H$$Jm; Ama CZ na nyar em{V Ama gmB JQ> H$$Jm&

7 _ `hXm Ama BmEb Ho$ ~YwAm| H$mo bmQ>m bo AmD$Jm, Ama Ch| nhbo H$s ZmB ~gmD$Jm&

8 _ CZH$mo CZHo$ gmao AY_ Ama nmn Ho$ H$m_ go ew H$$Jm Omo Chm|Zo _oao {d$ {H$`o h, CZ g~ H$mo _ j_m H$$Jm&

9 `m|{H$ do dh g~ ^bmB Ho$ H$m_ gwZ|Jo Omo _ CZHo$ {b`o H$$Jm Ama do g~ H$`mU Ama em{V H$s MMm gwZH$a Omo _ CZ go H$$Jm, S>a|Jo Ama WaWam`|Jo; do ndr H$s CZ Om{V`m| H$s pQ> _| _oao {b`o hfmZodmbo Ama Vw{V Ama emo^m H$m H$maU hmo Om`|Jo&

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