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^OZ g{hVm 9

1 ho `hmodm na_oda, _ AnZo nyU _Z go Voam Y`dmX H$$Jm; _ Voao g~ AmM`H$_m] H$m dUZ H$Jm&

2 _ Voao H$maU AmZpXV Ama \w$pbV hmoD$Jm,ho na_YmZ, _ Voao Zm_ H$m ^OZ JmD$Jm&

3 O~ _oao ew nrN>o hQ>Vo h, Vmo do Voao gm_Zo R>moH$a ImH$a ZQ> hmoVo h&

4 `m|{H$ Vy Zo _oam `m` Ama _wH$_m MwH$m`m h; Vy Zo {ghmgZ na {damO_mZ hmoH$a Y_ go `m` {H$`m&

5 Vy Zo Om{V Om{V H$mo {PS>H$m Ama XwQ> H$mo ZQ> {H$`m h; Vy Zo CgH$m Zm_ AZVH$mb Ho$ {b`o {_Q>m {X`m h&

6 ew Omo h, do _a JE, do AZVH$mb Ho$ {b`o COS> JE h; Ama {OZ ZJam| H$mo Vy Zo T>m {X`m, CZH$m Zm_ {ZemZ ^r {_Q> J`m h&

7 naVw `hmodm gXd qghmgZ na {damO_mZ h, CgZo AnZm qghmgZ `m` Ho$ {b`o {g {H$`m h;

8 Ama dh Amn hr OJV H$m `m` Y_ go H$aoJm, dh Xoe Xoe Ho$ bmoJm| H$m _wH$_m IamB go {ZnQ>mEJm&

9 `hmodm {ngo hAm| Ho$ {b`o D$Mm JT> R>haoJm, dh gH$Q> Ho$ g_` Ho$ {b`o ^r D$Mm JT> R>haoJm&

10 Voao Zm_ Ho$ OmZZodmbo VwP na ^amogm aI|Jo, `m|{H$ ho `hmodm Vy Zo AnZo Imo{O`m| H$mo `mJ Zht {X`m&

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