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B{\${g`m| 3

14 _ Bg H$maU Cg {nVm Ho$ gm_Zo KwQ>Zo Q>oH$Vm h&

15 {Og go dJ Ama ndr na, ha EH$ KamZo H$m Zm_ aIm OmVm h,

16 {H$ dh AnZr _{h_m Ho$ YZ Ho$ AZwgma Vwh| `h XmZ Xo {H$ Vw_ CgHo$ Am_m go AnZo ^rVar _Zw`d _| gm_W nmH$a ~bdV hmoVo OmAmo,

17 Ama {ddmg Ho$ mam _grh Vwhmao X` _| ~go {H$ Vw_ _| OS> nH$S>H$a Ama Zod S>mb H$a,

18 g~ n{d bmoJm| Ho$ gmW ^br-^m{V g_PZo H$s epV nmAmo {H$ CgH$s MmS>mB, Ama b~mB, Ama JhamB {H$VZr h,

19 Ama _grh Ho$ Cg o_ H$mo OmZ gH$mo Omo kmZ go nao h {H$ Vw_ na_oda H$s gmar ^anyar VH$ n[anyU hmo OmAmo&

20 A~ Omo Eogm gm_Wu h {H$ h_mar {dZVr Ama g_P go H$ht A{YH$ H$m_ H$a gH$Vm h, Cg gm_W Ho$ AZwgma Omo h_ _| H$m` H$aVm h&

21 H$br{g`m _| Ama _grh `rew _| CgH$s _{h_m nrT>r go nrT>r VH$ `wJmZw`wJ hmoVr aho&

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