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_mr 26

41. OmJVo ahmo, Ama mWZm H$aVo ahmo {H$ Vw_ narjm _| Z nS>mo& Am_m Vmo V`ma h,naVw eara Xw~b h&

42. {\$a CgZo Xygar ~ma OmH$a mWZm H$s,ho _oao {nVm, `{X `h _oao nrE {~Zm Zht hQ> gH$Vm Vmo Voar BNm nyar hmo &

43. V~ CgZo AmH$a Cho {\$a gmoVo nm`m `m|{H$ CZH$s AmIo ZtX go ^ar Wr&

44. Cho N>moS>H$a dh {\$a Mmm J`m,Ama Chr eXm| go Vrgar ~ma mWZm H$s&

45. V~ CgZo Mobm| Ho$ nmg AmH$a CZgo H$hm,A~ gmoVo ahmo Ama Ama {dlm_ H$amo : XoImo KS>r Am nhxMm h Ama _Zw` H$m nw nm{n`m| Ho$ hmW nH$S>dm`m OmVm h &

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