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Zr{VdMZ 8

11. `m|{H$ ~w[, _yJo go ^r AN>r h, Ama gmar _Z^mdZr dVwAm| _| H$moB ^r CgHo$ Vw` Zht h&

12. _ Omo ~w[ h, MVwamB _oo dmg H$aVr hy, Ama kmZ Ama {ddoH$ H$mo m H$aVr h&

13. `hmodm H$m ^` _mZZm ~wamB go ~a aIZm h& K_S>, AhH$a Ama ~war Mmb go, Ama CbQ> \o$a H$s ~mV go ^r ~a aIVr h&

14. Cm_ `wpV, Ama ~w[ _oar hr h, _ Vmo g_P hy, Ama namH$_ ^r _oam h&

15. _oao hr mam amOm am` H$aVo h, Ama A{YH$mar Y_ go {dMmar H$aVo h,

16. _oao hr mam amOm h{H$_ Ama aBg, Ama ndr Ho g~ `m`r emgZ H$aVo h&

17. Omo _wP go o_ aIVo h, CZgo _ ^r o_ aIVr h, Ama Omo _wP H$mo `Z go VS>Ho$ CR>H$a ImoOVo h, do _wPo nmVo h&

18. YZ Ama {VR>m _oao nmg h, daZ R>haZodmbm YZ Ama Y_ ^r h&

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