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amo{_`m| 4

13 `m|{H$ `h {Vkm {H$ dh OJV H$m dm[ag hmoJm, Z A~mh_ H$mo Ama Z CgHo$ de H$mo `dWm Ho$ mam Xr JB Wr, naVw {ddmg H$s Ym{_H$Vm Ho$ mam {_br&

14 `m|{H$ `{X `dWmdmbo dm[ag h, Vmo {ddmg `W Ama {Vkm {Z\$b R>har&

15 `dWm Vmo H$moY CnOmVr h, Ama Ohm `dWm Zht dhm CgH$m CbKZ ^r Zht&

16 Bgr H$maU {Vkm {ddmg na AmYm[aV h {H$ AZwJh H$s ar{V na hmo, {H$ dh CgHo$ g~ deOm| Ho$ {b`o ыT> hmo, Z {H$ Ho$db CgHo$ {b`o Omo `dWmdmbm h; dhr Vmo h_ g~ H$m {nVm h;

17 Ogm {bIm h, ""_ Zo VwPo ~hV gr Om{V`m| H$m {nVm R>ham`m h''- Cg na_oda Ho$ gm_Zo {Og na CgZo {ddmg {H$`m, Ama Omo _ao hAm| H$mo {ObmVm h, Ama Omo ~mV| h hr Zht CZH$m Zm_ Eogm boVm h {H$ _mZmo do h&

18 CgZo {Zamem _| ^r Amem aIH$a {ddmg {H$`m, Bg{b`o {H$ Cg dMZ Ho$ AZwgma {H$ ""Voam de Eogm hmoJm,'' dh ~hV Om{V`m| H$m {nVm hmo&

19 dh Omo EH$ gm df H$m Wm, AnZo _ao h`o go eara Ama gmam Ho$ J^ H$s _ar hB gr Xem OmZH$a ^r {ddmg _| {Z~b Z hAm,

20 Ama Z A{ddmgr hmoH$a na_oda H$s {Vkm na gXoh {H$`m, na {ddmg _| ыT> hmoH$a na_oda H$s _{h_m H$s&

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