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^OZ g{hVm 23

1 `hmodm _oam Madmhm h, _wPo H$moB KQ>r Z hmoJr&

2 dh _wPo har har MamB`m| _| ~R>mVm h; dh _wPo gwIXmB Ob Ho$ PaZo Ho$ nmg bo MbVm h;

3 dh _oao Or _| Or bo AmVm h& Y_ Ho$ _mJm] _| dh AnZo Zm_ Ho$ {Z{_m _oar AJwdmB H$aVm h&

4 Mmho _ Kmoa AYH$ma go ^ar hB VamB _| hmoH$a Mby, Vm{^ hm{Z go Z S>$Jm; `m|{H$ Vy _oao gmW ahVm h; Voao gm|Q>o Ama Voar bmR>r go _wPo em{V {_bVr h&

5 Vy _oao gVmZodmbm| Ho$ gm_Zo _oao {b`o _oO {~N>mVm h; Vy Zo _oao {ga na Vob _bm h, _oam H$Q>moam C_S> ahm h&

6 {ZM` ^bmB Ama H$$Um OrdZ ^a _oao gmW gmW ~Zr ahoJr; Ama _ `hmodm Ho$ Ym_ _| gdXm dmg H$$Jm&

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