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{\${b[n`m| 4

1. Bg{b`o ho _oao {` ^mB`mo, {OZ _| _oam Or bJm ahVm h Omo _oao AmZX Ama _wHw$Q> hmo, ho {` ^mB`mo, ^w _| Bgr H$ma {Wa ahmo&

2. _ `wAmo{X`m H$mo ^r g_PmVm h, Ama gwVwIo H$mo ^r, {H$ do ^w _| EH$ _Z ah|&

3. Ama ho go ghH$_s _ VwP go {dZVr H$aVm h, {H$ Vy CZ p`m| H$s ghm`Vm H$a, `m|{H$ Chm| Zo _oao gmW gwg_mMma \$bmZo _|, bo_|g Ama _oao CZ Ama ghH${_`m| g_oV n[al_ {H$`m, {OZ Ho$ Zm_ OrdZ H$s nwVH$ _| {bIo hE h&

4. ^w _| gXm AmZpXV ahmo; _ {\$a H$hVm h, AmZpXV ahmo&

5. Vwhmar H$mo_bVm g~ _Zw`m| na JQ> hmo ^w {ZH$Q> h&

6. {H$gr ^r ~mV H$s qMVm _V H$amo naVw ha EH$ ~mV _| Vwhmao {ZdoXZ, mWZm Ama {dZVr Ho$ mam Y`dmX Ho$ gmW na_oda Ho$ g_wI Cn{WV {H$E OmE&

7. V~ na_oda H$s em{V, Omo g_P go {~bHw$b nao h, Vwhmao X` Ama Vwhmao {dMmam| H$mo _grh `rew _| gwa{jV aIoJr&

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