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Zr{VdMZ 4

19 XwQ>m| H$mo _mJ Kmoa AYH$ma_` h; do Zht OmZVo {H$ do {H$g go R>moH$a ImVo h&

20 ho _oao nw, _oao dMZ `mZ YaHo$ gwZ, Ama AnZm H$mZ _oar ~mVm| na bJm&

21 BZH$mo AnZr AmIm| H$s AmoQ> Z hmoZo X|; daZ AnZo _Z _| YmaU H$a&

22 `m|{H$ {OZH$mo do m hmoVr h, do CZHo$ Or{dV ahZo H$m, Ama CZHo$ gmao eara Ho$ MJo ahZo H$m H$maU hmoVr h&

23 g~ go A{YH$ AnZo _Z H$s ajm H$a; `m|{H$ OrdZ H$m _yb moV dhr h&

24 Q>oT>r ~mV AnZo _wh go _V ~mob, Ama Mmb~mOr H$s ~mV| H$hZm VwP go Xya aho&

25 Voar AmIo gm_Zo hr H$s Amoa bJr ah|, Ama Voar nbH|$ AmJo H$s Amoa Iwbr ah|&

26 AnZo nmd aIZo Ho$ {b`o _mJ H$mo g_Wa H$a, Ama Voao g~ _mJ R>rH$ ah|&

27 Z Vmo Xm{hZr Amoa _wS>Zm, Ama Z ~mB Amoa; AnZo nmd H$mo ~wamB Ho$ _mJ na MbZo go hQ>m bo&

Promise for the Day

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