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byH$m 19

1. dh `arhmo _| doe H$aZo Om ahm Wm&

2. dhm OH$B Zm_ EH$ _Zw` Wm Omo MwJr boZodmbm| H$m gaXma Wm Ama YZr Wm&

3. dh `rew H$mo XoIZm MmhVm Wm {H$ dh H$mZ gm h& naVw mrS> Ho$ H$maU XoI Z gH$Vm Wm, `m|{H$ dh ZmQ>m Wm&

4. V~ CgH$mo XoIZo Ho$ {b`o dh AmJo XmS>H$a EH$ Jyba Ho$ noS> na MT> J`m, `m|{H$ `rew Cgr _mJ go OmZo dmbm Wm&

5. O~ `rew Cg OJh nhMm, Vmo D$na pQ> H$aHo$ Cggo H$hm, ""ho OH$B, PQ> CVa Am; `m|{H$ AmO _wPo Voao Ka _| ahZm Ad` h&''

6. dh VwaV CVaH$a AmZX go Cgo AnZo Ka bo J`m&

7. `h XoIH$a g~ bmoJ Hw$S>Hw$S>mH$a H$hZo bJo, ""dh Vmo EH$ nmnr _Zw` Ho$ `hm Om CVam h&''

8. OH$B Zo IS>o hmoH$a ^w go H$hm, ""ho ^w, XoI, _ AnZr AmYr gn{m H$Jmbm| H$mo XoVm h, Ama `{X {H$gr H$m Hw$N> ^r A`m` H$aHo$ bo {b`m h Vmo Cgo MmJwZm \o$a XoVm h&''

9. V~ `rew Zo Cggo H$hm, ""AmO Bg Ka _| Cma Am`m h, Bg{b`o {H$ `h ^r A~mh_ H$m EH$ nw h&

10. `m|{H$ _Zw` H$m nw ImoE hAm| H$mo Ty>T>Zo Ama CZH$m Cma H$aZo Am`m h&

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