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`em`mh 54

1. ho ~mP Vy Omo nwhrZ h O`O`H$ma H$a; Vy {Ogo O_mZo H$s nrS>o Zht hB, Jbm ImobH$a O`O`H$ma H$a Ama nwH$ma! `m|{H$ `mJr hB Ho$ bS>Ho$ gwhm{JZ Ho$ bS>H$m| go A{YH$ hm|Jo, `hmodm H$m `hr dMZ h&

2. AnZo V~y H$m WmZ MmS>m H$a, Ama Voao So>ao Ho$ nQ> b~o {H$E OmE; hmW _V amoH$, apg`m| H$mo b~r Ama IyQ>m| H$mo ыT> H$a&

3. `m|{H$ Vy X{hZo- ~mE \$boJr, Ama Voam de Om{V- Om{V H$m A{YH$mar hmoJm Ama COS>o hE ZJam| H$mo {\$a go ~gmEJm&&

4. _V S>a, `m|{H$ Voar Amem {\$a Zht Qy>Q>oJr; _V K~am, `m|{H$ Vy {\$a bpmV Z hmoJr Ama VwP na {g`mhr Z N>mEJr; `m|{H$ Vy AnZr OdmZr H$s bmm ^yb OmEJr, Ama, AnZo {dYdmnZ H$s Zm_YamB H$mo {\$a _aU Z H$aoJr&

5. `m|{H$ Voam H$mm Voam n{V h, CgH$m Zm_ goZmAm| H$m `hmodm h; Ama BmEb H$m n{dm Voam Nw>S>mZodmbm h, dh gmar ndr H$m ^r na_oa H$hbmEJm&

6. `m|{H$ `hmodm Zo VwPo Eogm ~wbm`m h, _mZmo Vy N>moS>r hB Ama _Z H$s XpI`m Ama OdmZr H$s `mJr hB r hmo, Voao na_oa H$m `hr dMZ h&

7. jU ^a hr Ho$ {b`o _ Zo VwPo N>moS> {X`m Wm, naVw A~ ~S>r X`m H$aHo$ _ {\$a VwPo aI byJm&

8. H$moY Ho$ PH$moao _| AmH$a _ Zo nb ^a Ho$ {b`o VwP go _wh {N>nm`m Wm, naVw A~ AZV H$$Um go _ VwP na X`m H$$Jm, Voao Nw>S>mZodmbo `hmodm H$m `hr dMZ h&

9. `h _oar {> _| Zyh Ho$ g_` Ho$ Obb` Ho$ g_mZ h; `m|{H$ Ogo _ Zo enW ImB Wr {H$ Zyh Ho$ g_` Ho$ Obb` go ndr {\$a Z Sy>~oJr, dgo hr _ Zo `h ^r enW ImB h {H$ {\$a H$^r VwP na H$moY Z H$$Jm Ama Z VwP H$mo Y_H$s XJm&

10. Mmho nhmS> hQ> OmE Ama nhm{S>`m Q>b OmE, Vm^r _oar H$$Um VwP na go H$^r Z hQ>oJr, Ama _oar empVXm`H$ dmMm Z Q>boJr, `hmodm, Omo VwP na X`m H$aVm h, CgH$m `hr dMZ h&&

11. ho X:pI`mar, Vy Omo AmYr H$s gVmB h Ama {Og H$mo empV Zht {_br, gwZ, _ Voao nWam| H$s nrH$mar H$aHo$ ~R>mD$Jm, Ama Voar Zod Zrb_{U go S>mbyJm&

12. Voao H$be _ _m{UmH$m| go, Voao \$mQ>H$ bmb{S>`m| go Ama Voao g~ {gdmZm| H$mo _Zmoha aZm| go ~ZmD$Jm&

13. Voao g~ bS>Ho$ `hmodm Ho$ {gIbmE hE hm|Jo, Ama CZH$mo ~S>r em{V {_boJr&

14. Vy Ym{_H$Vm Ho$ mam pWa hmoJr; Vy AYoa go ~MoJr, `m|{H$ VwPo S>aZm Z nS>oJm; Ama Vy ^`^rV hmoZo go ~MoJr, `m|{H$ ^` H$m H$maU Voao nmg Z AmEJm&

15. gwZ, bmoJ ^rS> bJmEJo, naVw _oar Amoa go Zht; {OVZo Voao {d$ ^rS> bJmEJo do Voao H$maU {Jao|Jo&

16. gwZ, EH$ bmoha H$moEbo H$s AmJ Ym|H$H$a BgHo$ {b`o h{W`ma ~ZmVm h, dh _oam hr gOm hAm h& COmS>Zo Ho$ {b`o ^r _oar Amoa go EH$ Zme H$aZodmbm gOm J`m h&

17. {OVZo h{W`ma Voar hm{Z Ho$ {b`o ~ZmE OmE, CZ _| go H$moB g\$b Z hmoJm, Ama, {OVZo bmoJ _w B hmoH$a VwP na Zm{be H$a| CZ g^m| go Vy OrV OmEJm& `hmodm Ho$ Xmgm| H$m `hr ^mJ hmoJm, Ama do _oao hr H$maU Y_u R>ha|Jo, `hmodm H$s `hr dmUr h&&

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