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^OZ g{hVm 62

1. gM_wM _ MwnMmn hmoH$a na_oda H$s Amoa bJm`| h, _oam Cmam Cgr go hmoVm h&

2. gM_wM dhr, _oar MQ>Q>mZ Ama _oam Cma h,dh _oam JT> h, _ ~hV Z {S>JwJm&

3. Vw_ H$~ VH$ EH$ nw$f na Ymdm H$aVo ahmoJo, {H$ g~ {_bH$a CgH$m KmV H$amo\ dh PwH$s hB Ho$ ^rV `m {JaVo h`o ~mS>o Ho$ g_mZ h&

4. gM_wM do CgH$m D Mo nX go Cgo {JamZo H$s g_{V H$aVo h;do PyR> go g ahVo h & _wh go Vmo do AmeudmX XoVo na _Z go H$mogVo h&

5. ho _oao _Z,na_oda Ho$ gm_Zo MwnMmn ah, `m|{H$ _oamr Amem Cgr g| h&

6. gM_wM dhr _oar MQ>Q>mZ h,Ama _oam Cma h,dh _oam JT> h,Bg{b`o _ Z {S>JyJm&

7. _oam Cma Ama _oar _[h_m H$m AmYma na_oda h, _oam XT>>>MQ>Q>mZ Ama _oam eaU mmZ na_oda h&

8. ho bmoJm|, ha g_` Cg na ^amogm aImo, Cggo AnZo AnZo _Z H$s ~mV| ImobH$a H$hmo,na_oda h_mam eaUWmZ h&

9. gM_wM ZrM bmoJ AWmB Ama ~S>o bmoJ Vmo AWmB Ama ~S>o bmoJ {_`m hr h, VmobZo na do hHo$ {ZH$bVo h, do g~ gmg go ^r hHo$ h&

10. AYoa H$aZo na ^amogm _V aImo, Ama byQ> nmQ> H$aZo na _V \y$bmo, Mmho YZ gnpV ~T>o Vm^r Cg na _Z Z bJmZm &

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