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2 Hw$[apW`m| 12

1. `{n K_S> H$aZm _oao {b`o R>rH$ Zhr Vmo ^r H$aZm nS>Vm h, Bg{b`o _ ^w Ho$ {X`o h`o XeZm| Ama H$meZm| H$s MMm H$$Jm&

2. _ _grh _| EH$ _Zw` H$mo OmZVm h, MmXh df hE {H$ Z OmZo Xohg{hV,Z OmZo Xoha{hV,na_oda OmZVm h,Eogm _Zw` Vrgao dJ VH$ CR>m {b`m J`m&

3. _ Eogo _Zw` H$mo OmZVm h Z OmZo Xohg{hV, Z OmZo Xoha{hV, na_oda H$mo OmZVm h&

4. {H$ dJ bmoH$ na CR>m {b`m, Ama Eogr ~mV| gwZr Omo H$hZo H$s Zhr, Ama {OZH$m _wh na bmZm _Zw` Ho$ {b`o C{MV Zht&

5. Eogo _Zw` na Vmo _ K_S> H$$Jm, naVw AnZo na AnZr {Z~bVmAm| H$mo N>moS>,AnZo {dm` _| K_S> Z H$$Jm&

6. `m|{H$ `{X _ K_S> H$aZm Mmh Vmo ^r _yI Z hJm, `m|{H$ gM ~mobyJm, Vm^r $H$ OmVm h {H$ Eogm Z hmo {H$ Ogm H$moB _wPo XoIVm h `m _wP go gwZVm h, _wPo Cggo ~T>H$a g_Po&

7. Bg{b`o {H$ _ H$meZm| H$s ~hVm`V go \y$b Z OmD$, _oao eara _| EH$ H$mQ>m Mw^m`m J`m, AWmV eVmZ H$m EH$ XyV H$r _wPo Kygo _mao Vm{H$ _ \y$b Z OmD$&

8. BgHo$ {df` _| _Zo ^w go VrZ ~ma {dZVr H$s {H$ _wP go `h Xya hmo Om`|&

9. na CgZo _wP go H$hm, ""_oam AZwJh Voao {b`o ~hV h,`m|{H$ _oar gm_` {Z~bVm _| {g hmoVr h''

10. Bg H$maU _ _grh Ho$ {b`o {Z~bVmAm| _|, Ama {ZXmAm| _|, Ama X{aVm _|,Ama Cndm| _|,Ama gH$Q>m| _| gZ h,`m|{H$ O~ _ {Z~b hmoVm h V^r O`dV hmoVm h&

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