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^OZ g{hVm 34

1 _ ha g_` `hmodm H$mo Y` H$hm H$$Jm, CgH$s Vw{V {ZaVa _oao _wI go hmoVr ahoJr&

2 _ `hmodm na K_S> H$$Jm, Z_ bmoJ `h gwZH$a AmZ{XV hm|Jo&

3 _oao gmW `hmodm H$s ~S>mB H$amo, Ama AmAmo h_ {_bH$a CgHo$ Zm_ H$s Vw{V H$a|&

4 _ `hmodm Ho$ nmg J`m, V~ CgZo _oar gwZ br, Ama _wPo nyar ar{V go {Z^` {H$`m&

5 {Ohm| Zo CgH$s Amoa pQ> H$s, Chm|Zo `mo{V nm`r Ama CZH$m _wh H$^r H$mbm Z hmoZo nm`m&

6 Bg XrZ OZ Zo nwH$mam V~ `hmodm Zo gwZ {b`m, Ama CgH$mo CgHo$ ha H$Q>m| go Nw>S>m {b`m&

7 `hmodm Ho$ S>ad`m| Ho$ Mmamo Amoa CgH$m XyV N>mdZr {H$E hE CZH$mo ~MmVm h&

8 naIH$a XoIm| H$s `hmodm H$gm ^bm h! `m hr Y` h dmo nw$f Omo CgH$s eaU boVm h&

9 ho `hmodm Ho$ n{d bmoJm| CgH$m ^` _mZmo, `m|{H$ CgHo$ S>ad`m| H$mo {H$gr ^r ~mV H$s KQ>r Zhr hmoVr&

10 OdmZ qghmo H$mo KQ>r hmoVr h Ama do ^yIo ^r ah OmVo h, naVw `hmodm Ho$ Imo{O`m| H$mo {H$gr ^r dVw H$s KQ>r Z hmodoJr&

11 ho bS>H$mo AmAmo, _oar gwZmo, _ Vw_H$mo `hmodm H$m ^` _mZZm {gImD$Jm&

12 dh H$mZ _Zw` h Omo OrdZ H$s BN>m aIVm, Ama XrKm`w MmhVm h Vm{H$ ^bmB XoIo?

13 AnZr Or^ H$mo ~wamB go amoH$ aI, Ama AnZo _wh H$s MmH$gr H$a {H$ Cg go N>b H$s ~mV Z {ZH$bo&

14 ~wamB H$mo N>moS> Ama ^bmB H$a; _ob H$mo Ty>T> Ama Cgr H$m nrN>m H$a&

15 `hmodm H$s AmI| Y{_`m| H$s Amoa bJr ahVr h, Ama CgHo$ H$mZ ^r CZH$s XmohmB H$s Ama bJo ahVo h&

16 `hmodm ~wamB H$aZodmbm| Ho$ {d_wI ahVm h, Vm{H$ CZH$m _aU ndr na go {_Q>m S>mbo&

17 Y_r XmohmB XoVo h Ama `hmodm gwZVm h, Ama CZH$mo g~ {dnpV`m| go Nw>S>mVm h&

18 `hmodm Qy>Q>o _Zdmbm| Ho$ g_rn ahVm h, Ama {ngo hAm| H$m Cma H$aVm h&

19 Y_u na ~hwV gr {dnpV`m nS>Vr Vmo h, naVw `hmodm CZH$mo CZ g~ go _wV H$aVm h&

20 dh CgH$s hS>S>r hS>S>r H$s ajm H$aVm h; Ama CZ _| go EH$ ^r Qy>Q>Zo Zhr nmVr&

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