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_mr 11

20. V~ dh CZ ZJam| H$mo CbmhZm XoZo bJm, {OZ_| CgZo ~hV go gm_` Ho$ H$m_ {H$E Wo, `m|{H$ Chm|Zo AnZm _Z Zht {\$am`m Wm&

21. ""hm`, IwamOrZ! hm`, ~VgXm! Omo gm_` Ho$ H$m_ Vw_ _| {H$E J`o, `{X do gya Ama gXm _| {H$E OmVo h, Vmo Q>mQ> AmoT>H$a, Ama amI _| ~R>H$a do H$~ Ho$ _Z {\$am boVo&

22. naVw _ Vw_ go H$hVm h {H$ `m` Ho$ {XZ Vwhmar Xem go gya Ama gXm H$s Xem A{YH$ ghZo `mo` hmoJr&

23. ho H$\$aZh_, `m Vy dJ VH$ D$Mm {H$`m OmEJm? Vy Vmo AYmobmoH$ VH$ ZrMo OmEJm! Omo gm_` Ho$ H$m_ VwP _| {H$E JE h, `{X gXmo_ _| {H$E OmVo, Vmo dh AmO VH$ ~Zm ahVm&

24. na _ Vw_ go H$hVm h {H$ `m` Ho$ {XZ Voar Xem go gXmo_ H$s Xem A{YH$ ghZo `mo` hmoJr&

25. Cgr g_` `rew Zo H$hm, ""ho {nVm, dJ Ama ndr Ho$ ^w, _ Voam Y`dmX H$aVm h {H$ Vy Zo BZ ~mVm| H$mo km{Z`m| Ama g_PXmam| VH$ {N>nm aIm, Ama ~mbH$m| na JQ> {H$`m h&

26. hm, ho {nVm, `m|{H$ VwPo `hr AN>m bJm&

27.""_oao {nVm Zo _wPo g~ Hw$N> gmnm h; Ama H$moB nw H$mo Zht OmZVm, Ho$db {nVm; Ama H$moB {nVm H$mo Zht OmZVm, Ho$db nw; Ama dh {Og na nw Cgo JQ> H$aZm Mmho&

28. ""ho n[al_ H$aZodmbmo Ama ~moP go X~o h`o bmoJmo, _oao nmg AmAmo; _ Vwh| {dlm_ XyJm&

29. _oam OyAm AnZo D$na CR>m bmo, Ama _wP go grImo; `m|{H$ _ Z_ Ama _Z _| XrZ h Ama Vw_ AnZo _Z _| {dlm_ nmAmoJo&

30. `m|{H$ _oam OwAm ghO Ama _oam ~moP hH$m h&

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