Jesus Calls Ministries: Praying For The World
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   AmO H$m gwg_mMma :_Zw`m| Ho$ gm_Zo Voam H$me M_Ho$!

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{ZamemnZ eVmZ H$m EH$ Eogm ` h Omo na_oda Ho$ bmoJm| H$mo na_oda H$s Amerf go Xa bo OmZo _| Cn`moJ H$aVm h; Amn Cg_| Z \$go& na_oda H$s _{h_m Ho$ {bE Amn AnZo VmoS>m| H$mo Cn`moJ H$aZo _| Omar aI|&

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 AmO H$s {Vkm

Omo Hw$N> Vw_ H$aVo hmo, VZ _Z go H$amo, `h g_PH$a {H$ _Zw`m| Ho$ {b`o Zht naVw ^w Ho$ {b`o H$aVo hmo& (Hw$bwpg`m| 323)

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_w` KQ>Zm`|
`wdmAm| Ho$ {b`o

^mB Ho$ mU H$m ~{bXmZ

{ddaU ...

_{hbmAm| Ho$ {b`o

AX` {ddmg

{ddaU ...

~m| Ho$ {b`o

bmbgm Ama _`w

{ddaU ...

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