Jesus Calls Ministries: Praying For The World
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   AmO H$m gwg_mMma :gH$Q> go Nw>Q>H$mam

Q>obm {XZmH$aZ

na_oda gH$Q> Ho$ g_` h_mar nwH$ma H$mo gwZVm h Ama h_| ha gH$Q> go Nw>Q>H$mam XmZ H$aVm h&

{ddaU ...

 AmO H$s {Vkm

`hmodm Zo e_yEb go H$hm, Z Vmo CgHo$ $n na XpQ> H$a, Ama Z CgH$s S>rb H$s D MmB, naVw `hmodm H$s XpQ> _Z na ahVr h& 1 e_yEb 16:7$

{ddaU ...

AmO H$m gmaU Amerf nmB`o

mWZm g^m
_w` KQ>Zm`|
`wdmAm| Ho$ {b`o

O$aV _| h_mam ghm`H$

{ddaU ...

_{hbmAm| Ho$ {b`o

Y` r

{ddaU ...

~m| Ho$ {b`o

amoeZ Ho$ ZoH$s H$m BZm_ &

{ddaU ...

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