Jesus Calls Ministries: Praying For The World
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   AmO H$m gwg_mMma :{ddmg H$m {V\$b

Q>obm {XZmH$aZ

^w na nyar ar{V go {ddmg H$a| Ama Cggo {V\$b H$mo m H$a|&

{ddaU ...

 AmO H$s {Vkm

`m|{H$ Omo H$moB _mJVm h, Cgo {_bVm h; Ama Omo Ty>T>Vm h, dh nmVm h; Ama Omo H$moB IQ>IQ>mVm h, CgHo$ {bE Imobm OmEJm& _mr 7:8

{ddaU ...

AmO H$m gmaU Amerf nmB`o

mWZm g^m
_w` KQ>Zm`|
`wdmAm| Ho$ {b`o

ewAm| go _ob

{ddaU ...

_{hbmAm| Ho$ {b`o

{Vkm H$mo nyam H$aZodmbm

{ddaU ...

~m| Ho$ {b`o

H$Oygr H$m \$b

{ddaU ...

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