Jesus Calls Ministries: Praying For The World
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   AmO H$m gwg_mMma :\$bdV H$aZo dmbm na_oda&

Bd|{O{bZ nmb

Omo `hmodm na ^amogm aIVm h CgH$m WmZ D$Mm {H$`m OmEJm&

{ddaU ...

 AmO H$s {Vkm

`m|{H$ _ Voao gmW h, Ama H$moB VwP na MT>mB H$aHo$ Voar hm{Z Z H$aoJm& (o[aVm| 1810)

{ddaU ...

AmO H$m gmaU Amerf nmB`o

mWZm g^m
_w` KQ>Zm`|
`wdmAm| Ho$ {b`o

`m _wPo m_m {_boJr?

{ddaU ...

_{hbmAm| Ho$ {b`o

AnZo AmnH$mo Y` g_P| &

{ddaU ...

~m| Ho$ {b`o

4 ObVo _mo_~mr`m.

{ddaU ...

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